How To Order

Customising your radiator is a simple and fun and creative process.
There are 3 main aspects of this process:

Work through the stages to come to a final design, remember if at any stage you would like to call us for advice or some ideas please don't hesitate, we are here to help. Call 03332 400 636

Choose a style


Customise your radiator

Choose a style - from our range of radiators
How to order a radiator
Customize your radiator using our simple step by step process

With over 100 radiators across five key ranges, we will have a radiator to suit you and your environment, so take your pick.

Once you are happy with your radiator, you can submit your order. This will send an email to one of our representatives who will contact you shortly to put the finishing touches to your radiator and finalise your order.

Sizing up your room.

We have built in a heat calculator in to our website, so simply fill in the details as needed and we will calculate the heat (watts) you need in the room.


Choose the size of your radiator.

To help you choose the dimensions of your radiator you might find it useful to measure the space you have
allocated for it in your room. Simply fill in what you need and we will do the rest.


Select your radiator.

The radiators are subject to size constraints, so when your measurements can’t be met exactly we will offer you with the best suited radiator for your room.